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Smart Investment

We Care About Your Life’s Important Things

Alantra Capital is a global systematic investment manager. Our centralized research focuses on the development of advanced quantitative techniques for uncovering market opportunities and employs them within a disciplined framework that results in efficient exposures. With a robust infrastructure and talented investment professionals, Alantra Capital offers clients the scale of a large asset management firm, with the benefits of a versatile investment platform – flexibility and customization. Our firm is able to offer institutional and retail investors the essential building blocks for today’s changing investment landscape.

Since 2000, we’ve earned the trust of 50,000 investors with straightforward products. But there’s something else to consider. Investing with us means you’re also making a contribution to the world around you.

We have carefully studied trends, tech advancement, trading, risks, and we came together as a team to create a platform that integrates these with the latest mining technologies available. Like you, we want to build wealth that would last a lifetime and give ourselves and family a wealthy and affluence lifestyle without breaking the bank. Thanks to the birth of cryptocurrency and technology advancement, we were able to make this work and we’ve been doing that for over 20+ years.

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Why Choose Our Service

Alantra Capital is an automated platform that guarantees its investors daily profit on their investments. With Alantra Capital, the risk has been eliminated. 30% of your investments are traded in stock, Forex, and Bonds, by our team of experts. The other 70% is stored in our Deluxe automated Mining Engine which has a proven record of 98% success rate. Doing it this way ensures us and our users that no matter the outcome of stock markets, their profits are guaranteed daily. There might be some little changes in the profit ratio, but be rest assured that there will always be daily profits on your investments.

The Alantra Capital visionary team is committed to delivering exceptional results, focused being one step ahead. We are building an Investment platform for the long-term, setting up the standard to change the fortune of future generations to come.

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Our Services

Providing Services For Last 25 Years With Reputation


Round clock support

We boast of very standard customer care that can be found no where else on the globe. They are on desk 247 to respond to investors.


Protection Of Clients Data

We run all our investments on fast and highly secured servers located in Us and the UK. These servers have the best security architecture.


Outstanding gains

Our primary goal of investing is to put your money to work in one or more types of investment vehicles with the intention of growing your money over time.


User-friendly Interface

We provide our investors with multiple investment channels. You can access our investment platform from any device that can access the internet.


Expert management

Each user has unique needs, so each user gets to customize his dashboard layout.


Secure Payment Gateway

We make sure that our website has top security and nothing about our clients payments are compromised.

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Alantra Capital provides a dynamic investment solution to clients in need of a self-operating portfolio, as well as a smart fund with flexible time and investment amount. We also provide extensive cryptocurrency basics which could help just about anyone who wishes to learn more about cryptocurrency and the blockchain network. Using a multi-algorithmic framework, team support and services, we offer high interest returns to our investors with careful and detailed examination of market conditions. some of our major investment portfolios include:

  • CFD
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate
  • NFP