As a pioneer in alternative investing, Alantra Capital has a long track record of managing the complexities of these types of strategies. By investing long and short, and balancing exposure to factors and asset classes, our alternative strategies are built to seek returns in both up and down markets.

We offer both absolute return strategies, which target zero exposure to traditional markets, either at all times, or on average; and total return strategies, which maintain some exposure to traditional markets.


Each portfolio team within our alternatives group is comprised of specialists who are leaders in their disciplines, backed by the strength of Franklin Templeton's global operating platform. We believe that our research-driven global perspective and a focus on active risk management can further enhance the potential portfolio benefits of alternative investments. Our teams' practices are complemented by the firm's centralized risk management framework, providing improved risk transparency. This helps us pursue the desired return profiles in the most efficient manner.

  • Absolute Return Strategy: Provides exposure to highly diversified portfolios, aggregating nearly all of Alantra Capital's strategies in a multi-strategy format.
  • Global Macro: Invests in major asset classes based on prices and macroeconomic fundamentals, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative inputs.
  • Arbitrage Strategies: We offer convertible, merger and event-driven arbitrage strategies, or a diversified portfolio combining these strategies.
  • Credit Strategies: Seeks positive absolute returns by investing both long and short in a diversified portfolio of credit instruments.
  • Managed Futures: A diversified strategy that seeks to take advantage of price trends in global asset classes.

Real Assets

These funds typically invest in tangible assets that derive their value from their substance and physical properties. Real assets include real estate, public and private infrastructure, natural resources, precious metals, and commodities.

Investors looking to add a broad real assets allocation to their private markets portfolio and gain access to key market sectors, including energy, power, infrastructure, and natural resources turn to Alantra Capital. Real assets also serve as a crucial portfolio diversifier as they tend to respond to different economic conditions than other private asset classes. The performance of real assets, for example, has been positively correlated with inflation which has made them an effective hedge during periods when prices have risen.


We are one of the world's largest infrastructure investors, owning and operating assets across the utilities, transport, energy and data infrastructure sectors. Our portfolio, grounded in 7 years of investment experience, provides diversified exposure to scarce, high-quality businesses with significant barriers to entry. We invest in infrastructure assets that deliver essential goods and services - from the movement of passengers and freight over toll roads and rail networks to the distribution of energy and other products through ports and pipelines, and much more.

Energy & sustainability

With the global shift toward more sustainable sources of energy, Alantra Capital continues to expand coverage to track this critical evolution, providing cutting-edge insights and superior capital markets and advisory expertise. Sustainability and Energy Transition are areas of intense focus for the investment community, impacting virtually every sector. At Alantra Capital, we draw from our in-depth research and thought leadership across the firm as we explore Sustainability and its impact on the business and social landscape.

We bring particular expertise in alternative energy, mobility technology, biotechnology, synthetic biology, Internet of Things, edge computing and 5G, and robotics and automation. Energy Transition, in particular, draws on our leadership in next-generation energy coverage and also complements our long-standing expertise in traditional energy.


Alantra Capital has pioneered the development of the institutional market in cannabis by leveraging our insights to help clients navigate a rapidly growing and changing global industry.


Since 2016, Alantra Capital has distinguished our expertise as a leader in cross-sector collaboration spanning consumer, health care, technology, industrials and regulatory policy verticals to offer the most comprehensive analysis of the global cannabis industry available on Wall Street.

  • Our Ahead Of The Curve Cannabis coverage provides analysis of the US and global market opportunities, Canada's legalization of adult use sales, the CBD market, expansion of international markets, and proliferation of consumer brands and novel form factors.
  • Our technical analysts, traders, options specialists and beyond share insights that highlight market flows, indicators, credit updates and other noteworthy developments impacting the performance of Cannabis industry securities through our Harvesting Gains trading desk commentary.

Hedge Strategies

Also referred to as alternative strategies, these investment strategies use both long and short positions in markets and securities as well as derivatives in an attempt to minimize market beta returns while seeking alpha and risk-adjusted returns. Some of the most common strategies are long and short equity, global macro, relative value, and credit.